Monday, July 11, 2011


*** after a sight delay I'm back to posting the serialized version of the book ***

However, I was beginning to get annoyed - I mean WTF? You would be proud to know that I pushed on, for I was still in the 'Hey I'm all friendly-like' mode.

"There certainly are quite a few of us in the Puget Sound region these days. The area has grown quite significantly over the last decade or so. Big influx from California a few years back. Shoot, even out little burg has grown so much that I hardly recognize it."

I look to your mom for some kind of confirmation, but she is staring at the napkin in her lap.
Leeza was once again our savior. I should just have started calling her 'Jesus Leeza', but you know how picky some people get about things like that. Panties all in a wad and the next thing you know you're standing on a pile of brush, tied to a post, flames licking your ankles. Let me tell you, that can ruin a Monday fast. Anyway, Leeza pushed a cart to our table brimming with steaming bowls of oatmeal and pitchers of milk. Each of the other tables had a similar cart, with a similar attendant.

"Okay folks, here's round one. We'll let you work on that for a bit before we start on the main course."

She worked her way around the table, passing out bowls. She also set out three large dishes of mixed fruit. The smell of strawberries rushed around the room, giving off a lovely delicate perfume that screamed of spring and hope and happier times.

"Can I get you anything else while I'm here?"

Everyone glanced at each other and shook their heads in the negative.

Isn't that odd the way people will do that? What are we looking for - confirmation? As if we might be forgetting something and are waiting for a member of the group to remind us? Like the whole situation could change if only one of us spoke up? "Okay, her iz zee deal. We meet zee English dogs at zee Waterloo. Everyone agree? Anybody not zink dis iz zee good idea? No? H'okay zen. . . Wait. Did someone in za back zay zomething? No? Oh, screaming from zee battle wound. My mistake. H'okay. I thought maybee you had zumzing to say. Nuting? H'okay. Zen peek up your rifles and off we go to zee victory!"

Leeza waited for someone to say something, and when they didn't she said, "Good! I'll bring some carafes of coffee next trip. Until then . . . enjoy!"

*** the journey continues ***


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