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Yamaha XT660R | Yamaha XT660R Review | Yamaha XT660R Specs 2011

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Yamaha XT660R Fuel Consumption

This year, the XT has been given a proper look. Say hello to liquid-cooled, fuel injection engine, all new chassis and styling. If you have an event such as an image cycling animals large and imposing, the XT does not fit this law. It looks small and compact and also to board 855 mm seat height is a breeze.

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Yamaha XT660R Forum

In true off road style, the 21-inch wheels with spoked wheel rims Knobblies equipped, while the soft suspension travel to cope with decent dirt. The package did well on the hard rocky ground, which led us to the muddy stuff. But when the going gets tough, the road was prevented delivery of tires, transmission and power came to the fore with the bike sliding on his way toward the future. The chassis was not suited to motorcycles in the dirt heavier BMW F650, yet another "adventure" I had just off road for a few weeks before. So it was with some relief that we reached the tarmac winding.


Yamaha XT660R Panniers

Revving the engine is of course meaningless, like the tails off a breath left to top-end. But take the mid range and draws you effortlessly from one corner to another. The wide handlebars make extensive use to browse the light weight (the streets) around the chassis, a welcome bonus, as the mud, it means long travel suspension, it is not the agile, what's out there it sucks even if the speed limits of the city and because there are no holes.

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